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I had eaten Korean food before — but nothing more adventurous than the typical BBQ. Ya know, they bring out all of the meat and you cook it at your own little grill to make Korean BBQ. I’m not saying this isn’t authentic Korean food – but it… In an attempt to branch out from my typical and easy salad or soup, I’m starting to try some other recipes. Let me tell you – I’ve found a fave!! I was reading some raw cook books..wait…can you call them cook books?, let’s… Working out, Co-Op, 366 project – OH MY!! Read on….     Hi y’all! Hope you have all been having a lovely year so far. Wow – this year has been so busy so far for me. We started January off with a big move, February…well February just flew… As mentioned, in the first of the year post – while I’m concentrating on healthier eating & raw…I definitely think we need to give ourselves a break to spoil ourselves here and there. So, last week – I indulged and it was oh so worth it!!… I discovered an amazingly delicious and simple dessert go-to item this weekend. BANANAS!!! I never thought 1 fruit could make such a scrumptious and decadent dessert. (well I ate BOTH of these for breakfast…but hey!) Now, when I say simple, I seriously mean it….