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Adam – May 24, 2012Posted in: Hot Sauces

Straight up, this sauce is “acceptable”. The “Bustin’ with Flavor” tag line is a bit misleading though. I found this as a no frills habanero sauce that rides safely down the middle of the road of flavoring. There is nothing special in the ingredients (I often like carrot in my habanero sauce). The tang is a bit overdone too – a little too much vinegar for my liking. However, it’s way better than tabasco. If you bought a few taco’s from a taco stand and splashed a few dashes of Suckle Buster on it, it wouldn’t be a bad thing – it would be good.

In summary, this is a good sauce but there is nothing unique about it.  This could be a good thing depending on what you are pairing with.  It would definitely accent a beef taco pretty well.

Hottness:  Mild – Medium – Hot – Very Hot – No Sir

Wife’s Summary: Way too spicy.

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