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[Update: since writing this sometime ago, I don’t like BW3 as much. I don’t know if my taste has changed, but the sauces are beginning to taste more like flavored corn syrup. Too much efficiency in creating?]

I have a guilty pleasure.  I love Buffalo Wild Wings sauce.  I am a 2 time Blazin’ Challenge survivor – and have the shirts to prove it.  12 Blazin’ wings in 5 minutes.  Yes, they are a chain.  They are nothing more than a typical chain restaurant and the wings come out hit-or-miss from the deep fryer. So, why do I love them so?  It’s their sauce.  They are quite flavorful.  Especially the Caribbean Jerk.  However, when I go and pick up a tab for 4, it begins to add up.  Good news.  Buffalo Wild Wings sells their sauce to take home for $3 [at the time of writing] something a bottle.

Buffalo Wild Wings is often referred to as BW3 (or B-dubs).  Why?  The original store was Buffalo Wild Wings and Wrecks.  For the price of 25 wings, which is around $4, I wanted to utilize their sauce at home.  Using my mentor’s, Alton Brown’s (though he doesn’t know it), recipe I wanted to try to have BW3 wings at home, for a nominal price.  And as a plus, they are not fried.

When at the restaurant, you risk your wings being fried too long.  They end up small, not plump, and… just not good… It’s happened to me a couple times out of the many times I have been there.  With Alton’s procedure, they turn out tender, falling off then bone, and perfectly cooked – and when dried properly, they are crispy too.

How did I do it?  I bought the sauces that please each unique taste of my loved ones.  Here is what I bought:  Caribbean Jerk, Mango Habanero, Spicy Garlic, Teriyaki and Honey BBQ.  My favorites are the jerk (of course) and the mango habenero.

I love the spicy garlic too, but I actually prefer to use it as dressing on my salads.  Good tip – it’s awesome.

I then used Alton’s recipe to cook the chicken (steaming for 10 minutes, chilling in the fridge for at least an hour, baking on 425 for 20 mins on each side).

I then poured the 5 sauces in to individual bowls with a liberal amount of fresh minced garlic (not added to the BBQ or Teriyaki, for the kids) and melted butter.  Tossed them in the bowls and I was ready to serve.

We mmmm’d and wow’d the entire time we ate them.  It was a huge success.  We are actually doing another batch for lunch again tomorrow because it was that good.  And to think – I just fed 4 people incredible wings for probably $7 in cost that is just amazing.  These wings are going to the next Super Bowl party for sure.

Is this negative to BW3?  No!  I will continue to go and enjoy the community atmosphere while out with family and friends.  And I will order additional sauce to take home.  And maybe add another Blazin’ Challenge shirt to my collection. But now I just know I can have them more often on the cheap – and share them at parties with friends.

Alton Brown + BW3 sauce = phenomenal – bring it to any party or use for entertainment.  You will impress.