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I have a guilty pleasure.  I love Buffalo Wild Wings.  I am a Blazin’ Challenge survivor – and have the shirt to prove it.  12 Blazin’ wings in 5 minutes.  Yes, they are a chain.  Why do I love them so?  It’s their sauce.  They are incredible.  Their Caribbean Jerk is what I can only explain as an umami nirvana.  When I eat b-dubs jerk wings, it is nothing less than a joyous occasion in my mouth.  However, when I go and pick up a tab for 4, it begins to add up.  Good news.  Buffalo Wild Wings sells their sauce to take home for $3 something a bottle.

Buffalo Wild Wings is often referred to as BW3 (or B-dubs).  Why?  I don’t know.  I do know that I crave their heavenly sauces all too often.  So, for the price of 25 wings, which is around $4, I wanted to utilize their sauce at home.  Using my mentor’s, Alton Brown’s (though he doesn’t know it), recipe I wanted to try to have BW3 wings at home, for a nominal price.  And as a plus, they are not fried!  But how were they?

When at the restaurant, you risk your wings being fried too long.  They end up small, not plump, and… just not good… It’s happened to me a couple times out of the 100 times I have been there.  With Alton’s procedure, they turn out tender, falling off then bone, and perfectly cooked.

How did I do it?  I bought the sauces that please each unique taste of my loved ones.  Here is what I bought:  Caribbean Jerk, Mango Habanero, Spicy Garlic, Teriyaki and Honey BBQ.  My favorites are the jerk (of course) and the mango habenero.

I love the spicy garlic too, but I actually prefer to use it as dressing on my salads.  Good tip – it’s awesome.

I then used Alton’s recipe to cook the chicken (steaming for 10 minutes, chilling in the fridge for at least an hour, baking on 425 for 20 mins on each side).

I then poured the 5 sauces in to individual bowls with a liberal amount of fresh minced garlic (not added to the BBQ or Teriyaki, for the kids) and melted butter.  Tossed them in the bowls and I was ready to serve.

We mmmm’d and wow’d the entire time we ate them.  It was a huge success.  We are actually doing another batch for lunch again tomorrow because it was that good.  And to think – I just fed 4 people incredible wings for probably $7 in cost that is just amazing.  These wings are going to the Super Bowl party next weekend for SURE!

Is this negative to BW3?  No!  I will continue to go and enjoy the community atmosphere while out with family and friends.  And I will order additional sauce to take home.  I will keep going back – lunches, nights with the kiddo’s, baseball season – and on and on. But now I just know I can have them more often on the cheap – and share them at parties with friends.

Alton Brown + BW3 sauce = phenomenal – bring it to any party or use for entertainment.  You will impress.

…Now it’s time to come up with my own sauce for a video…

Stay hungry, Houston.  We have a lot more coming to you!