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Stef – January 14, 2012Posted in: Food Reviews

Hi y’all – Ok regarding last week’s post on my ‘mostly’ raw new year’s resolution…the first week was easier than the 2nd. But I guess that’s what usually happens with resolutions, they fade quick. I have no intent on quitting, though, don’t get me wrong. I’m just here to tell you how this journey is going for me.

We moved into a new home and neighborhood on January 7th. I am sure you can all relate to the craziness of moving and adjusting to a new area. On top of that, Adam was heading out of town for Vancouver on Monday, the 9th. The week was pretty much shot as I was trying to juggle work, taking care of the kids, keep up with the unpacking… I was just really too busy to stop and actually prepare a decent meal. This meant we got to grub on some delicious tacos from Taqueria Ruby (see my post on this fabulous little place here), amazing breakfasts and coffee from Jitterbug (post on this gem is to come), and good ‘ol neighborhood pizza from Gambino’s. Not to mention, Drew called me his ‘Step-mom’ for the first time this week, which made it easier for me to give in to his Chick-fil-a requests again….and again. icon_smile-4


So needless to say, there was not much Raw in my diet last week. I do still seem to maintain my big raw salad for lunch everyday. For years now, I’ve packed up the whole vegetable tray (it seems) and chop up a big ‘ol salad in the kitchen at work. So at least I got one good meal in most days.

So it’s been a week in the new place and I’m definitely in a much better routine now and ready to re-focus. I started today off with a huge helping of green juice. Adam concocted an amazingly delicious recipe, see below. It’s always much easier for me to re-set on the weekend when I have no distractions. Ok, next week & beyond I will report back with more success and recipes. And, now thinking about it – the excuse of moving and being too busy shouldn’t really fly. If anything, eating raw is the simplest, most easiest way to grab-and-go…I’ve just got to remember that mind set. You’re never to busy to grab some fresh fruit or throw greens in a bowl and top with olive oil and lemon. It’s about being prepared so you don’t get suckered into food convenience. As I mentioned when I started, it’s a journey and I’m definitely not discouraged – I’m going to keep up and strive to eat as much fresh, nutrient-rich food as I can.

Adam’s Delicious VF-8 Juice

A really yummy green juice – you can hardly taste the greens. The sweetness from the carrot, apple and orange really make this juice pop! Its so delicious. I really recommend this if you have a hard time getting veggies down.

4-5 kale stalks 1/2 cucumber 3 carrot 3 celery 1 orange peeled 1 lemon peeled 1 apple

1 tomato

We have started to buy all organic produce, or as much as we have access to and I definitely recommend it. Better flavor and the price isn’t too much more. Worth the pay off.