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Posted by Adam Brower on May 9, 2010 in Beer & Beverage | 0 comments

12 ounces 13 dollars



tokyo beer. it seems proper that I try this given the recent trip in Japan. i saw this bottle and although expensive, it called to me. Not only because it is called tokyo, but because of the description on the bottle. check it up:

“This is a beer inspired by a 1980′s space invaders game played in Japan’s capital.

“The irony of existentialism, the parody of being and the inherent contradictions of post-modernism, all so delicately conveyed by the blocky, pixelated arcade action have all been painstakingly recreated in this bottles contents.

“This imperial stout is brewed with copious amounts of speciality malts, jasmine and cranberries. After fermentation we then dry-hop this killer stout with a bucketload of our favourite hops before carefully ageing the beer on French toasted oak chips.

“It is all about moderation. Everything in moderation, including moderation itself. What logically follows is that you must, from time, have excess. This beer is for those times.”


my bottle says “tokio” (which, to me, would seem to be the correct spelling). the rest of the web, including brewdogs site, calls it tokyo…

i just opened this brew. it has been in the fridge all day. i’m about to take a sip. let me share my experience with you.

first reaction: very bold and hoppy. sweet and strong. top shelf quality.

the flavor should change as it begins to warm.

very reminiscent of Sam Adams Triple Bock but hints of a fine port.

stef tried – we will just say this is a manly beer.

this beer as character, it has personality, i even think it has a degree from MIT.

i don’t know how it has Space Invaders inside it, but I am realizing I am getting quite jacked up as I continue to drink and write.

a few sips from the bottle – now I am going to pour the rest in a wide mouth rim glass. due to the complexity of this brew, it does change the taste. I would recommend drinking it this way – but at the same time, it has also probably warmed by 10 degrees.

final assessment. this is quality. this is complexity. this is a damn good beer. sure one bottle costs as much as a typical 12 pack, but you can’t drink a 12 pack of very fine wine. you will only need and want one of these.

as a beer fan, as a retro video game fan, as a food blogger – this beer is at the top of my list. if you are a true beer connoisseur, you will find this a true delight. if you find yourself with a bud light far too often, stick with that – as one of my favorite brewer’s would say, “you are not worthy”

stay thirsty, houston and enjoy a Tokyo from BrewDog.


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