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Posted by Stef Brower on Sep 20, 2012 in Raw/Vegan | 0 comments

Hi there – wow its been quite a while since my last blog post (a few months, EEEK). So if you have kept up with the blog, you know that the beginning of the year I was attempting to do a “Year in raw”…as in raw foods. For the better half of 2011 I was doing a lot of researching on digestion, healthy eating – blah, blah and really wanted to give it a go. I did seem to feel better when I was eating raw. So I started this year strong, but after a while, I just wanted other stuff. And not even ‘BAD’ stuff, but just cooked food. And maybe its hard because I have a husband and 2 step-kids that don’t eat raw – so yummy cooked food is always around. But I came to thinking – it may just be that all raw isn’t a lifestyle that fits me. I am by no means saying that 100% raw is bad. In fact, if you can do it – more power to you! And I still eat raw a lot, but not 100% and I don’t think I will ever be 100%. And I’m ok with that.

Take tomato soup for instance. I was making raw tomato basil soup in the vitamix – and it was OK, but it was definitely no La Madeline. But lately I’ve been roasting the tomatoes, garlic and herbs first and WOW, the flavor is just so much more to me. And it’s still SO healthy. I’ve actually found myself eating vegan 90% of the time, basically a raw diet gone cooked.

So I know I didn’t make it a whole year, but I’ve learned a lot. A lot about my lifestyle, the food that fits me and the foods I like. I’m at the point where I am pretty much vegan through out the day and most of the times its even raw (lots of salads and fruits, smoothies) – but I will have some meat here and there. I will almost always steal bites of steak from my husband (even though he hates it), and and I will have hot dogs when the family is over for football, and I’ll probably split a BBQ plate when we find some awesome dive. And I think this is a healthy mix. I think meat in moderation is ok. I do most of the time prefer veggies over meat, but sometimes I don’t – and that’s OK. I do still believe in getting local, ethically raised meats when possible. We buy a lot of our meat from a farm a few hours away – I’ll do a blog on that and why I think that’s important.

So at the end of the day….Am I raw? sometimes. Am I vegan? sometimes. Do I eat meat? sometimes. I’ve found that I love food too much to really fall into one category. Moderation is GOOD, and it’s good to find out what works for you and your lifestyle. Its never good to try to fit into some mold just because you think its ‘healthy’ or ‘right’ it has to work for you!

Share any of your similar experiences, I would love to hear!

Stef (the sorta kinda raw vegan who eats meat when she craves it)