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Posted by Stef Brower on Nov 22, 2010 in Eating Light | 2 comments

stopped to pick up some things these evening, and i spotted some vegan jerky. hmmm, being a big fan of beef jerky – all kinds, spices, flavors, etc – i thought, what the heck, let’s give this a try.

they were pretty affordable, $1.19 a pop, i got hot & spicy and thai peanut. i frequently eat tofu, veggie options and the such, so i am not completely turned off by this idea, adam was very concerned the moment i picked them up, but was still willing to try.

alright, let’s see how they stack up…

#1: primal strips – seitan thai peanut. ok, i was VERY scared by the texture of this thing, it looked like meat, but in a particle board texture and with a slimy jello adhesive. did not look appetizing to say the least.

the taste was not pleasing one bit. flavor wise, it was way too sweet and i really dont think i could get over the tough and awkward texture. the ingredients said this was made from non-gmo vital gluten wheat…or whatever that is. it was not pretty. also, after looking at the pics, i realized that this jerky is 6 MONTHS OLDER than its best buy date (you can see from the bottom of the black package above)….so not sure if that could have been a factor….whole foods, you need better inventory control.

[Editorial:  Because of their attentativeness and dedication to quality, Whole Foods was extremely quick to respond and corrected this. The Customer Service rep even tried an out of date and in date jerky and found little to no difference in the taste or texture.]

#2: primal strips – shitake mushrooms hot & spicy. this one definitely looked better and more appetizing. i was pleased to see shitake mushrooms as the first ingredient listed, atleast i knew what the bulk of this jerky was…and i like shitake mushrooms. the best buy date on this one was 10/26/11 – so we’re good on quality, and i actually liked the cute little man lovin the cow on the package design

honestly, i would eat this again. the immediate flavor is a little too sweet, but the spicy is spot on, i like spice and this has it. the texture is much closer to real jerky than the thai strip. i would say this is a pretty good attempt at vegan jerky.

basil liked the thai peanut jerky though……


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