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Adam & Stef – March 6, 2011Posted in: Beer & Beverage

Can’t see it, can you!

We’ve all had those moments, wondering if the growing pile of shiny and obnoxious Bud Light cans outside the deer blind scared all the deer off. Well not anymore!!

Now when you’re up at 4:00 AM, rubbing deer urine on yourself, you can feel confident the deer won’t see your energy drink.  This is all thanks to the brilliant minds at that brought us Team Realtree Outdoor Energy.

HINT:  If the scent of rub urinate gets too strong, slap a couple drops of Realtree right below your nostrils and you’ll now have the manly smell of iron and artifial stimulatants sent straight to your nasal receptors.

But how’s it taste? Ehhh, not as sweet as most energy drinks, which I think is a good thing.  It’s really like a less sweet Mountain Dew.  I couldn’t tell you how the energy buzz was, because I don’t think I was lacking energy in the first place.

Stay thirsty Houston, and don’t set your drink in a tree because you may never find it again.