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Stef – August 2, 2011Posted in: Featured, Raw/Vegan

So I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit flaky on the blog lately and I think it has to do with me transitioning into RAW foods. While raw foods are simply fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds – I don’t think its a very mainstream diet and lifestyle – hence the reason I haven’t posted a blog, thinking most of you wouldn’t be interested. I mean it is a far stretch from perfecting hamburgers, the best boiled crawfish, tender ribs and authentic pizza. I have to wonder – who wants the recipe to my raw vegan ranch dressing? or my new favorite green juice?

But I’ve been thinking it over and I do want to blog about these things, the new foods I’m eating and preparing, the healthy benefits I’m gaining. Maybe you won’t be interested, but maybe you will and maybe you can try some of these things out. So I wanted to put a post out there to let you all know what I’m thinking and where I’m headed with Hungry in Houston. My new focus, for a while at least, will be raw and vegan foods.

For the past 4 – 5 months I’ve started reading up on digestion (as mentioned in a previous post), which led me to discover raw foods. So what exactly does raw foods entail? Well I’ll definitely get into that in the posts to come, but I’ve found that it is the most fulfilling, fresh and flavorful foods.

In just a few months I have shed ~15 lbs, WITHOUT even trying!! It’s the first diet I’ve lost effortlessly, no counting calories, no crazy artificial sweeteners. Real food and a real lifestyle change. Not only have I dropped weight but I feel more alert, my skin is better, my mind is clear – it’s really amazing.

Quick overview of what I eat on a daily basis to give you a sneak peek:


as much fruit (any kind) that I want


a big green, TONS of veggie salad

herbs (cilantro, dill), celery, zucchini, tomato, 1/2 avo, sprouts, radish – really just whatever I have on hand

dressing: salt, pepper, oovo and lemon juice – or a homemade one like ranch (recipes to come!)


Savory soup in the VitaMix, like Fire Roasted Tomato, Cream of Zucchini, really just whatever we have

Hungry for dessert?

Banana ice cream!!

Stay tuned for more on what a raw food diet is, amazing recipes, tips and more!!