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Posted by Adam Brower on May 3, 2011 in Beer & Beverage | 1 comment

The air turned uncharacteristically cool this afternoon for May.  Perfect timing as I stumbled upon a treasure that was fit for this temperature change.  As a long time fan of Stone Brewing Company, I found Double Bastard Ale this evening!  Sure, you folks in California may have seen this for a few years, but its new to me in Houston.  And the feeling I got when I found this was the same when I was 10 years old and I discovered a new Star Wars figure for the first time.  Instead of putting it on $0.25 lay-away for my mom to buy it later, I turned a few tricks in the street to bring it home tonight.  It’s an $8 bottle, 1Pt. 6Fl. Oz. of pure satisfaction and enjoyment.  And I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

It’s been a while since I shared a beer… Maybe for two reasons:  1) It’s been hot outside and hoppy beer and 90+ degree weather isn’t my favorite 2) For some reason I have been force fed Strawberry Hill and Four Loko’s the past few weeks…  Well, maybe that was just one week, and there is a 3) I have been on a beer budget.

Double Bastard boasts a generous 11.2% Alc/Vol and its IBU is “classified” according to the Stone web site.  And as with the other related Bastard Ale’s, they are still touting you are not worthy.  Are you?  Double Bastard is FULL of flavor, almost reminiscent of a triple bock to me.  I actually find it a little more smooth than the original Arrogant Bastard, but it has more of a punch – it’s more complex.  The quality of this beer is above the rest, and honestly…  I don’t think I have had a better beer.  This may be a new favorite for me.  Of course I can’t down a 6 pack and be on my way, but this one bottle will do me just fine…as I continue to sip and become all warm inside.

I look at Stone Brew like the Jack White of beer – they simply can’t do wrong.  Double Bastard actually raises their own standards and, my friend, I think they made the perfect beer.

Stay thirsty, Houston.  The American micro-brew has trumped the world in beer and Stone Brew is leading the way.

HiH Beer-O-Meter: 9.9 – It’s powerful, smooth, complex, tasty…  It’s plain awesome.