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Posted by Stef Brower on Jan 11, 2010 in Restaurant Reviews | 0 comments

we’ve always had a love for sushi and when a “$40 giftcard for only $20″ came up on Groupon for a local sushi restaurant we purchased 2 right away – the featured restaurant – Zushi. i’ve had my favorite sushi spots for a long time (Blue Fish & Sushi King) but for a good price i was willing to venture.

we had early dismissal from work — bc of the snow — so we decided to take a long lunch in memorial. I perused the menu and was soo happy to see real sushi options instead of the smoked salmon, tempura, even beef selections i’ve seen lately at some “sushi houses”. lots of tuna, salmon, mackerel, spice…this was going to be good!!

i ordered the sashimi lunch special:


adam ordered the bento: (unagi, calimari & potstickers)


the dishes were impeccable and then we got the rolls, which were so amazingly delish! (hawaiian punch, koji chan crunch)


it was such an inventive and original sushi meal. i really like when they think outside the box and create unique and original sushi flavors. i also LOVE when they add some heat to the mix. can’t get enough wasabi or jalapeno! i highly recommend this place.

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